It is nice to know that there are some kind people about and many have come to my aid this week to help out whilst my PA is off.  My carer offered extra hours, a friend has taken some of my ironing and another friend has done some cleaning, I am so grateful to them.

I am also very sad today to hear of the death of a teacher who showed me great kindness during my school years, a very difficult time for me, and who remained a friend after.  Since I moved to Leeds from my home town of Sheffield we have not seen each other, but have kept in touch.  In recent years due to us both having health problems and other demands our contact was limited to Christmas cards and a letter, but I still think of her often.  She was a great inspiration to me and very kind I am sure she will be greatly missed.

Rob and I managed to cut the pieces needed for my quilting class tomorrow, it requires a great deal of concentration and it took us both a while to figure things out.  I have also sewed a bit of my crazy pattern for the next stage of my cat quilt, but not sure if I am doing it quite right so will have to ask Sarah’s advice tomorrow.

Emily has had a cold all week and has been very up and down.  I am coughing a lot and have had a seriously sore throat, it is a little better now.  One very strange thing is that when I am fighting something else my pain is less?! Perhaps my body realises there is only so much I can cope with!!

Rob got a quote for the poor car, its not too bad, but as these things are it is not cheap and we have to get it done.  This poor car seems to have been so unlucky we have had several repairs on it and its only 2 years old.  We are not usually ones for having bumps and scrapes, but this car seems to attract them.  Thankfully they have all been our fault so there are no other people involved.  It means we cannot make another insurance claim and will have to cover the expense ourselves so I am very cross with myself as it was caused by a momentary lapse in concentration.  I don’t think Santa covers car repairs!!

I finished Emily’s advent hanger yesterday will take a photo later and post up when I have some time.  The kit was reviewed by bugs and fishes yesterday.  The kit reviewed is slightly different to the one that I had as mine did not have sticky backed felt and I did have to sew it all.  I hand stitched the numbers, but machine stitched all the pockets on as it was taking too long by hand ( I unpicked the hand stitched ones).  Emily helped with cutting the pockets, shapes and numbers and decided the layout so it was a nice joint effort.

I am in great need of a rest now so its bye for now.

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