Progress, chaos and ducks!

Well I have made a bit of progress.  I managed to make most of the placemat at the class on Friday I just have the edge to fold over and hand stitch

I can’t believe I got this far.

Here is Emily (and her blush ears) and her advent hanging panel

And Emily with her shoe box for Operation Christmas Child

In order to get things done I have got things out all over the place, the mess drives me mad, but I am not able to get things done if I have to spend time finding things and putting away all the time 8-|  But I do need to tidy some stuff away.  
We had some family photos taken last Sunday, its great fun, but I got mega stressed trying to work out what to wear!!

Emily always has great fun and is spoiled by AJ from Whitebox.  We even got a picture with AJ this time!
We have had many of these sessions and Emily always has to have the duck!

So its goodbye from me and the duck.

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