What a week!

As ever there is not a dull moment at Chez Shaw.  Emily got up on Tuesday saying she had tummy ache, as she has been saying every five minutes that something hurts or that she feels poorly and then is actually ok I dosed her up with medicine and got her ready for school.  Just as we were putting on her shoes and coat she was sick :-& so left with an unhappy little girl, a mess to clean up and a very guilty conscience

Rob had left for work taking car for repair on the way.
Emily then seemed much brighter and we were doing some Christmas cards when she was sick again into the computer keyboard, YUCK.  Computer keyboard went in the bin and we managed without until Thursday evening when Rob managed to borrow one from work.  A friend lent us one but it was not compatible.  I quite enjoyed having no computer got more things done.
My PA was due back at work on Wednesday, but did not turn up, I was past caring by then, she has not been at work for 3 1/2 weeks.  There has been a lot of lying going on, but she did turn up for work yesterday, but now I don’t know what to believe and what not, it makes for a very difficult situation.
Emily went back to school on Thursday and I managed to get her placemat finished and a bit of my knitting done, its amazing how much more time there is without a computer to distract me.  Emily was at school an hour longer for after school music, so actually there was more time too.

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