Never knew wrapping could be so exhausting!

In my effort to help I went into school today to help the PTA with the kids choosing and wrapping presents.  Even though I spent much of the time sitting and no real effort was required it has left me exhausted, I feel sick, dizzy and shaky and am in pain.  I hate this stupid illness.  I went to rest when I got back, but as I had over done it rest was not possible, my heart was pounding.

In the meantime my family have been keeping the NHS busy!  Yesterday as I was typing my rant about hospital food my 9 year old nephew was admitted to hospital after falling and breaking his leg in 2 places.  I am waiting to hear if he has gone home, I do hope so and also hope he was fed better than the last time he was in when he was given and dried up sandwich and rotten fruit!

On Wednesday my grandma fell and hurt her back, amazingly she did not break anything and after being checked over by the paramedics she refused to go to hospital, her last stay in hospital was also not a good experience.

I have seen some more lovely stuff online and have pinned it on my Pinterest anyone who likes quilting, card making or gluten free recipes should find them interesting. Todays best find

Well I think that’s all for today.

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