What a day!!

What a day we had yesterday and totally exhausting.  Began with Christmas shopping.  Did not go in that many shops and was using wheelchair, but still exhausting.  Thankfully it is now finished.

In the afternoon it was Emily’s Christmas play.  She was one of many narrators, with just 3 lines, she was first on and was very clear. The children who’s parents were watching were allowed home early!!! This meant I missed my much needed rest.

When we got home the carpet fitter arrived and was still here nearly 4 hours later, but we now have a new living room/ dining room carpet.  Furniture arriving next week and many things in boxes all over the house and Christmas 2 weeks away, mad or what?!

I feel awful today and due to overdoing it in a big way can’t settle to rest either, its a stupid illness that’s for sure.  Thankfully Emily’s friend who was coming for tea cannot come, but just hoping Emily does not have a tantrum as I only found out after she went to school so was not able to tell her in advance.

I gave Emily her placemat as one of her advent gifts, she says she is not using it as a placemat as it will get messy (very true) so she is going to use it as a dolls duvet :).

This time of year is so tiring, so much to do and organise, why do we put ourselves through it?  I am glad that present shopping is finished and cards are written. Wrapping and posting still to do, hmmmm will carrier bags do?!

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