Everyone out having fun :(

I did not get to finish my ramblings yesterday or today either as I feel rubbish.

Emily has gone to school in her Christmas jumper for Christmas jumper day

Rob is going out on his work Christmas do.  Not working or being at school or part of any group I don’t get to do Christmas things.  I like to go to the Leeds Christmas Market but we are not going this year as its difficult to get around in wheelchair and Emily does not like the crowds, even the fair rides and food are not tempting her.  Luckily I do get to go to the school events, but they are usually hard work.  Another event I usually enjoy and that gets us into the Christmas spirit is the Rothwell Baptist Church carol concert, but we have to miss that this year due to another commitment.  It is the school carols on Monday, so looking forward to that.  My Christmas jumper has not arrived I ordered this one but got an email yesterday to say it had gone out of stock 🙁 so have now ordered this one.  All in all its a bit miserable for me today and I don’t feel up to doing the things I had in mind to do.  I can’t event lay on the bed and watch TV as my TV is not working as we had to take aerial for main TV as the aerial outside has become damaged, bah humbug or what?!

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