My laugh for the day!

When I was dropping Emily off at school she saw a plant in the caretakers garden that caught her eye.  I told her it was a bamboo plant to which she replied “perhaps they have Pandas then”

Went to the school carols concert yesterday at the church.  It was lovely and Emily took part in a little nativity scene, she is not sure what she was though, first she said she was a wiseman, but then said she was a page, whatever it was she got to dress up and sit at the front of the church.

Only a week until Christmas Eve, how will we be ready?  So much still to sort out, but can only do it when Emily at school so its hard work for me.

Enjoyed watching Great British Sewing Bee Christmas.  Its sad that is has been made a laughing stock in the press and  I think its sad that people think home made things are a joke some one has put a lot of time, effort and thought into what they have made.  It is one of the reasons that I lack the motivation to make things for people as things are often viewed as inferior to a bought object or just a big joke, very sad.

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