Bleurgh is that a word? It seems so see dictionary!

I am feeling rubbish today and should really be taking the chance to lay down, especially as I feel so dizzy.

Christmas was very busy and not ME friendly and sorry to say I did not enjoy much of it, sorry if that upsets or offends anyone, but its so difficult with ME.  I did survive, but it feels like only just!  Once Christmas is over there is also little time to rest and catch up.  This week is the first week back at school, so we do have a normal routine back, but still many things going on.  We still don’t have things sorted out following the decorating etc as furniture still not sorted out due to damage.  The chaos drives me mad and I have just shoved things anywhere and everywhere just to get them out of the way.

Being away from home meant Emily did not get much chance to play with all her new stuff and in fact has not really shown that much interest since either, her favourite thing seems to be a wolf hat and she has spent quite a lot of time pretending to be a wolf and playing in a big cardboard box from new furniture!

Things on the craft front are slow bordering on non existent!  The waistcoat sits still waiting to be finished although I did get the extra wool I need. For Christmas I got Docrafts Subscription, but have not got any magazines yet. A longer Patchwork ruler and a couple of craft books; Snug as a Bug and Felt Fantastic, but not had chance to look at them yet.

At the moment I am trying to get ready for Emily’s birthday and my Grandma’s.  I have started Russian Doll Card  for my Grandma and just downloaded Rainbow pattern for Emily as she wants a rainbow theme for her birthday.  We have made her invites

I am not sure what else I need to do.  I am pretty sure that my rainbow bracelet won’t get made 🙁 see post
Really need to stop now feeling yuckier (yes thats a word too!) by the minute.

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