Slow Progress and mixed emotions.

As ever progress with craft projects is slow, but gradually getting back to normal with furniture and putting things away and de-cluttering.  I may soon be able to see my craft tables and use them!!

Its my grandma’s birthday today, she is 94.  I hope she got the card ok, I always feel a bit apprehensive about posting the cards when I have spent so much time on them, but we are not able to visit until the weekend.  It seems amazing to me that people live into their 90’s now and of course we cannot imagine what it is like to have lived through so many changes.  At 42 I find the changes mind blowing at times and wonder what life will be like for the children now.  Emily thinks I am the oldest person in the world, but I guess at 6 you are either a child or old!

Its a mixed week though as Friday is my cousin’s 40th birthday, but he died in a tragic accident 2 1/2 years ago.  He died not long after my own 40th birthday and knowing that he would not see his hit me very hard.  We have decided to sponsor a bird box in his and my grandad’s memory, it will go in the garden of remembrance near their memorials.

I finished pricking the design for Emily’s card last week, I must start stitching it, but I have to keep it hidden when she is around so have not had chance yet.  I am hoping to get one of the rainbow designs from my last post made for her too, but time is running out.

We went to see Puss in Boots at Leeds Carriageworks on Sunday, its great.  It is an amateur production by LIDOS.  There is a promotional video on  you tube. We are waiting to book for their next production Seussical in June.  We have been quite disappointed with other production we have seen recently, this was a breath of fresh air and much cheaper than many other things too.

Just time to show today’s likes

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