Less Distraction, more crafting!

My PC has died, so I have less distraction at the moment and got some crafting done yesterday, amazing.  Got a rainbow letter and number done for Emily and a bit more stitching on her birthday card and even a few rows of knitting.  That said I do feel awful today, a lot of pain and sick and dizzy 🙁  I need to find a box frame to make a picture, but don’t think it will be done in time.  I looked at the frames in Hobbycraft but they were very expensive so need to look elsewhere and can’t easily search online at the moment. A quick search shows Dunhelm and Matalan as cheaper options, but I can’t get to those on my own.

The furniture is finally sorted and we are back straight for the first time since end of November! Except that is for dining room full of packaging its been too cold and wet to take it outside or find time to go to the tip.

Well better go now.  Will post some pictures once I get my PC back.

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