Busy, Busy

What a weekend.  Parties and birthdays are now over, feels like I have been preparing for Christmas and birthdays since about September and I am really worn out now.  As ever with the party I have planned and organised and made sure everything in place, but then felt awful on the day and stayed in the background, but I think everyone enjoyed it.

Emily’s cake from Cakes for Breaks and my button letter and number.
Emily with her hair done, nails done and face painted.  Thanks to Tracey, Leanne, Sam and Teresa.
Rob’s cake also from Cakes for breaks.
Feeling awful today, Emily is not well either and it was touch and go as to whether she went to school, but she made it 🙂 just hope she is ok.
Card that I made for Rob. Pattern from Stitching Cards.
So worn out with everything and have enjoyed making the cards and stuff, but not really sure how much people appreciate them and if they are worth the time and effort, but I like doing them so its worth it to me.  Feel like I should be doing something for me now, but not really got time or energy.  I do have an idea for a picture for my bedroom wall, so maybe one day!!
Love this new pattern from Stitching cards
Well that’s it from me for now.

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