Its been a tough few weeks.  February has always been difficult for me as I seem to get a post Christmas slump.  This was compounded when I gave birth in February 7 years ago, so now post Christmas is build up to birthdays and no time to recover.  This year half term has been quite early so I only had one week to recover from birthday party before the holiday.  Emily and I have both been quite poorly with sinus infections, so its been a bit miserable.  School had a training day yesterday so today is first day back!! All I wanted to do was sleep, no such luck, but will be having a very early night I think.

I went to my quilting class on Friday which was a great effort and not a good idea really, I made lots of mistakes and really confused myself, but did finally managed to finish the block off.  I only have one more to do before putting it together 🙂

I did fit in a few craft things making a card for a friend and a picture too.  I don’t seem to have a picture of the card, as soon as I finished it Emily wrote in it and put it in the envelope.  I was sure I had taken a picture, but have just changed over phones and can’t find everything! I do have a picture of the picture.

I pricked out the pattern for a card for my nephew, but then realised I won’t get time to finish and post it in time for his birthday next Tuesday, I always seems to leave it until last minute.  Will have to get on with next one instead.  I love making the cards, but  my my little time and energy makes it difficult and i don’t know if the effort is always appreciated.
Must go now.

Found the card picture.  I am not that happy with how it turned out, think they look better on white or cream card then coloured backing.  Also think the cat looks a bit sad.

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