Sleepless in Leeds

It’s been a tough day so as is the norm I can’t sleep and don’t know what to do with myself.

I have been reading, but now think I have read book before!

Was looking at craft magazine earlier, everything is so time consuming and always requires new products. Many of the projects are very fussy and beyond my capabilities, it left me feeling really fed up as I feel so useless

I found some patterns for next lot of cards I need, but did not have energy or time to start them. I have finished three pieces for my waistcoat, but now got sewing up and picking up to do, which I am not good at and I know I’ll put it off.  I feel to exhausted to tackle much, but then feel bad for not doing things. I just wish things would stop for a while so I can catch up! I feel like everyone else manages so much and usually do projects alongside working and looking after children, again it makes me feel so useless. At the moment getting out of bed is a huge effort, but life goes on and doesn’t wait for us to catch up, or let us take things easier for a while.

I spotted a couple of new blog sites over the weekend, but as I am writing this on m my phone I don’t have the links. I’ll try to find them again soon.

Is it just me or once Christmas is over is it a rush to book holidays? It feels like if you don’t book by February there is something wrong with you. For us holidays are a logistical nightmare and I don’t even want to think about it. Yes I want to get away, but it never feels like a holiday. I used to go for a few days respite each year, but even that’s not possible now. Only time away from home are manic weekends when we visit family.

Well what to do now. It’s a shame I am too tired to do anything, I could get so much done with these sleepless nights. Can’t decide if I should carry on with the book or find another one. I am not short of things to read, it’s just finding the right sort of thing, again something that does not require too much effort.

I have the joys of a social service review of my care needs in the morning. I always find it hard and worry that they won’t appreciate my needs and take things away from me. Especially in the current climate of cutbacks and I know there are people with much greater needs than me.

As often happens this post has very little to do with crafting. As ever I have many ideas and intentions, but little time or energy to give to them.  I have to put other things first.

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