World Book Day

Its World Book Day and many schools are asking children to dress as book characters.  Emily saw an Alice in Wonderland costume and wanted to go as Alice.  I would have liked to do something more creative, but she was determined so she has gone off dressed as Alice and armed with some eat me biscuits, a drink me drink and a big key!

Emily’s friend has gone dressed as Dandelion which is a new one on me, but its a great costume and well created by her and her mum.  It was good to see many of the teachers dressed up too, Emily’s teacher is Christopher Robin, I also saw a Cat in the Hat, Tiger who came to tea and Where’s Wally along with some I did not instantly recognise. Its all good fun and a different way of getting the children’s interest.  Not sure what I would dress as.  I love Pooh Bear and a bit of face paint and some yellow trousers and  red top would do the trick, I like making props too, a big jar of honey maybe!  
Two years ago when Emily was in reception class she went as the Queen of Hearts, again from Alice.  We made jam tarts then!!

The strange thing is Emily has never actually red Alice in Wonderland or seen any of the films.  I have just bought her a kids version of the book, but it has not arrived yet.  I also very tempted by this collection that I saw on facebook after I bought the other book.  We have so many books though and many of them are unread.
World Book Day have just sent a link to 50 books that will change your life.  I have read a fair few of them.
I have seen a lovely quilt idea today on Bustle and Sew blog 
That’s it from me today fatigue and pain is getting the better of me.

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