Mixed sort of a week and internet finds.

Well the weather has been a very mixed bag with temperatures of 16c on Sunday and people in the park eating ice creams, then on Tuesday it hardly got above freezing! Today its beautiful and sunny and 7c.

I think I have been much like the weather changeable, but sadly not many sunny intervals.  The best day weather wise was my worst and I missed most of it having to stay in bed and look through the window, did get up for half an hour in the park, but it was a huge effort.  Feeling a bit brighter today, but then need to catch up on things I have not been able to do so have worn myself out again, not quite at the totally exhausted point yet, but heading that way.

My craft efforts have been none existent, I started cards last week, but not a single stitch on them since and they are taunting me.  I am trying to think of ideas for Mother’s day, but they are both difficult to buy and or make for and my ideas are few.  I need to send Rob to Ikea to get some frames for the button pictures as I have another one to make.  I also need to think of egg decorating ideas for school.

When able I have been looking online as I always do at things I like and would love to be able to make, but most of them will always be just things I like.  I tend to sit looking at things when unable to do much else.

I have seen lots of great gluten free recipes and have been pining like mad on Pinterest they all look so yummy, but there is little time or energy for baking.  We did make Carrot and Banana muffins on Tuesday which are delicious.

My favourite thing this week is a bracelet idea from Beads Direct in several different colours

I have most of the elements to make them except for the feature beads and they are £9 plus each, so its an expensive make.  would be ok for a present, but really a make for myself as it would rarely get worn.
A few other likes include
Well here was me thinking I have done nothing, I seem to have collected a lot of ideas if nothing else.

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