Fabric Dilemma

I think I need some help here.  I am trying to decide the fabric to go in between my blocks on the quilt.  I thought I had what I wanted, but now I am not sure it works!

Had quilt laid out on floor and taken lots of pictures and still not sure what I like or if any options actually work!!!

My original plan was to go with the blue at the top, red, or cream, they are the ones I have enough fabric for, out of those I think the red works best, but not sure it is right.
The only other that I have enough of, but that was going to be the back is this
Don’t think that works either and probably won’t for the back.
Next I dug out all the scraps I have and tried to see what might work, but its difficult with only having small pieces and many of them I have no idea where they are from.
I think this darker bright blue works well, it is a piece given to me by a relative so would have to find a similar piece.
This black and white cat is a very tiny scrap I had, I like it, but can’t tell if it would work all over, I think it would, but no idea how to find the fabric.
Not sure about this one, it could work.
Again not sure, its nice and bright though.

Plain black works well.
As does this mottled dark grey.
I did not want to spend more on fabric, but the ones that work best I do not have enough of.  The shop I get most of my fabric from is an hours drive away and next time I am in that area I won’t have time to fabric shop as well as seeing all the relatives with it being Mother’s Day weekend.
Would be interested in comments about what works best or any other suggestions.

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