Another Dilemma, to save or not to save? Help needed!

Having sorted out my border dilemma, I have opted for black, I now need to decide on the reverse of the quilt.  The fabric I originally intended does not really work.  I have to buy the black needed for my border to get the look right, but I have lots of fabric and don’t really want to buy more if I can help it.  The fabric I like best for backing would cost £35, black fairy dust fabric

While there is no doubt that it would make for a striking finish, I feel that it is difficult to justify the cost whilst I have other things I could use.
Last night Rob and I had a play about with some options

These are the options, or variations on these options, the bottom one showing what it would look like with black borders to match front.
I am not convinced by these.  Laid awake as ever I thought that this might work better, again with black borders.
Or I could really splash the boat out and have sparkle black borders and sparkle black back, oh so many choices.  After I have put so much effort into the quilt I don’t want to scrimp and not be happy with the finished thing, but feel that the cost is a bit much if a good effect could be gained in another way.
I am also worried about putting too much effort into the deciding as my health is not good at the moment.  I am in a lot of pain and getting by on very little sleep.  Although I have been putting the insomnia to good use looking at fabric ideas!!  Just hope after all this I am well enough to go to the class on Friday!!
Rob got me the frames from Ikea so now I need to make up one of the pictures and also get on with stitching cards I need for next few events, but I am just not getting anything done as I feel so exhausted all the time.
Better go and pick up the fabric before my cat comes along and decides to sleep on it and add more paw prints than it should have.
From reading other crafty blogs many of us seem to have cats and many of the blogs feature the cats.  My cat tends to keep out of the way so I don’t have any pictures of him with my craft projects, but will post a picture of him anyway!

Ok two then!!  These pictures are quite old now, he is not a neat and tidy these days, bless his little paws he is nearly 15.  This is Timmy by the way.
And just in case he feels left out here is the hamster, whose name I never know as it gets changed every week!
I have a tank of fish too, but not taking pictures of each one you will be glad to hear!!
Emily is asking for a guinea pig now as she says her friends guinea pigs are going to have babies once they have got a boy guinea pig to go with the girl ones.  We have said we will think about it, I am not sure I could cope with the work it would create, so I am secretly hoping that the guinea pigs don’t get on 😉

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0 thoughts on “Another Dilemma, to save or not to save? Help needed!

  1. Brenda Reply

    Comment from Brenda Just read your blog, and I think as it is something that is so precious (because of the work you have done ) do not spoil it by making do. Go for what you want it
    will be worth it, if you don't and you do not like it then that would be a waste xxx

  2. Pat Reply

    Comment from Pat I have no doubt that the back should be black. It will look best and all that work deserves it!

  3. Sally Reply

    Comment from Sally I was going to say I liked the red for the borders, but the black is good too. Not sure what I would go for on the back.

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