I have just made the card I made for my husbands birthday into a card for a neighbour who is 80 this weekend!  Its quicker, easier and cheaper than going out and buying one and unless he reads this he will not know that it wasn’t specially made for him!

Off to search for some more now as I need another card for Monday.  Foiled I don’t have any others that I have made, don’t think its fair to recycle someone else’s work!  
Feeling pretty rubbish now was a busy morning, well only out for coffee with friends, but meant driving and our first choice was closed and second choice was noisy, but nice to have a chat.
Got my geese cut out last night (well Rob cut most of them).  Emily informed me they look nothing like geese, not much gets past her!!  Should be fairly easy to stitch, I really want to get on with it, but seem to have little time and energy between bouts of hecticness ( is that a word?), well hectic for me, for anyone else its a walk in the park (which to me is hard work! and something I would love to do). Had planned a bit of my Mother’s day card stitching, but not up to it now, oh bother!

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