I used to have website to sell my handmade cards.  Due to having less time and the standard of card making continually growing I am no longer selling cards.  I have decided to use my website to host my blog, links to the many sites that I use and a gallery of things that I have made.  It is still work in progress as my husband needs to do the technical side of things.  My website is Crafty Janes.

Its now the school holidays so there is not much time for craft or websites.  I am hoping to complete a few cards that I need for people with upcoming birthdays, just hope I get time.

Emily is going on some activities with children’s extended services, but she wants me to go along and watch as its children from all over the area and many not be children she knows.  It will be hard work, but hopefully good fun, Emily is very excited. Luckily transport is provided, I would not be able to take her otherwise so its a great help to me.  Its horse riding today, hope the weather picks up a bit or I will be sitting in the cold and wet.

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