I’m Back

I have been away for nearly 2 weeks one way and another.  I would like to say it was restful, but sadly not.

The first week was the second week of school holidays and Emily and I went to stay in Sheffield with the families.  Arriving on the Tuesday which was my Mum’s birthday.  Along with my Dad, brother and his family  we took her out for a meal at Mohul where we had a lovely meal and very attentive, friendly service, they even gave my Mum a birthday card.

I am running out of energy now as its been a hectic weekend and first day back at home.  I will write more when I can, I have lots of interesting ideas.

Leave with some photos for now.

Emily’s hair after my sister law had plaited it and Emily kept them in for 2 days.
Card I made for my friend’s Anniversary.

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