Overwhelmed and Frustrated

I am not having a good day today and my plans went out the window early on.  Trying to rest in order to feel better did not help much as my mind was busy with ideas and frustrations.  I spent a lot of the time playing useless games on my phone, I really must delete them they are a waste of time and energy, but they do distract from the thoughts a bit and make me feel a bit less agitated if not rested or better.

Finally deciding to get up and do something I thought the easiest thing would be to redesign my made by labels, but since getting the new PC the old programme does not work and I cannot sort it out myself, yet another job for hubby.  Tried creating one on the Avery website, but could not do what I wanted, even though it says it is simple.  it would actually have been a waste of time if I had figured it out as when I went to look at the size of the labels its appears we have run out!

I got a copy of Popular Patchwork, its great, but set me thinking of things I would like to do.  In reality I only do my quilting/patchwork at the class, so it is incredibly slow progress.  Thank you to those who offered to help me get the magazine, it was very kind.  We nipped down to Hobbycraft last night, the magazines have moved upstairs too so needed wheelchair.

I finished a couple of cards yesterday, hence why I wanted the labels, but it is not to be today, the old ones will have to do.  I wanted a new style to match the new look site.

I have many thoughts in my head which I want to write out but, can’t sit and type for long, so don’t know what to do with them as writing them out then means someone needs to type them up and there’s only me and hubby and he has far too much to do anyway.  We tried to find a way of transferring writing to computer but there isn’t anything reliable enough.  I have been looking at some stuff on writing as therapy, something I was introduced to when I was studying for my M.Med.Sci many years ago.  The tutor was a lady called Gillie Bolton who has written widely on the subject.  I have ordered a couple of her books from the library, but am now wondering how many books I can have on the go at one time, there are so many things I want to do.

My ideas for craft projects keep mounting up too and like the books the number of things on the go is getting ridiculous.  I really need to be more focussed and do one thing at once and finish it!  At the moment all I seem to do is say I must do such and such and then find I haven’t got the energy or concentration to do it and end up wasting time.

I feel very disorganised and confused and feel like I will spend my life wanting to do things but not achieving them.

Again the time has passed and its time to collect Emily from school and I have achieved nothing today 🙁 Oh well tomorrow is another day.

This struck a chord today

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