ME awareness

Well today is ME awareness day.  I am certainly aware of mine, feeling all round rubbish today.  I wonder how much people really know about ME and what their perceptions are.  it would be interesting to get peoples views.  Many years ago I set out to do a research project, I sent out hundreds of questionnaires, but was never well enough to collate and analyse them.  Eventually I gave all the information to someone else who was doing a research project, sadly I never heard anything else from them so don’t know what became of my work 🙁  IT would be interesting to make another short questionnaire and post peoples answers, but it will have to wait for another day.

There is an event on facebook today Facebook fundraiser to raise awareness and money.  I have done my bit, wonder how many others will.

Its been a hectic weekend and I am much in need of rest now, so will leave you with a few photos from a family photo session we had yesterday with Whitebox

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