Dark clouds and Sunshine

No its not the British weather I am talking about its me.  Yesterday was a very dark and gloomy day, I felt like I was under a big black cloud.  I did a lot of writing, its all pretty depressing, but got it out of my head and I was able to share it with Rob.  I am not sure if I will be able to share it online though.  part of me thinks I should, but there is a part of me that is not ready for that yet.  There is also the issue of typing it up, I need a secretary!

Today I woke feeling brighter, having some sleep does help, the night before I had none, so it was kind of set to be a worse day.  Emily was singing You are my Sunshine, so I joined in. When she went to school I felt inspired to make a sunshine picture for her.

I have also finished my Dad’s birthday card, but won’t post a picture until after his birthday.  Its unlikely that he would see it, but don’t think its fair for other people to see it before him.
Saw some lovely craft flowers on Bugs and Fishes blog. Lots of different ideas, all with instructions to make.  Think that the Felt poppies are my personal favourite.

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