Added quite a lot of crafty links to my site this week Crafty Jane’s Links, please pop along and check them out.  If anyone would like a link, let me know, the ones I have on there at the moment are sites that I use and people I know.  There will b e some more links coming and hopefully they will get put in some sort of order so its easier to find what you are looking for.

Other than that I have been laying low.  Feeling washed out, fed up and overwhelmed.  I have done quite a bit of writing, I may share some of it online when I am up to it.

Many thanks to Gillie Bolton and River Wolton who replied to my emails about therapeutic writing. Gillie has offered to mentor me, but its rather expensive and my illness creates so many expenses I am not sure I can afford or justify it.  I did buy Gillies book The Writers Key which is very good. I got the Kindle version as its cheaper, but its not easy to flick back and forth and make notes, especially as I don’t fully understand all the functions of the kindle, I just use it to read!  River made a very interesting statement

“Both the writing process and the therapy process can be frustrating if there’s a desire to have them ‘solve’ whatever it is we’re up against. In my own experience I see it as a continual process of developing and refining the skills to recognise and lay down the weapons – overt and subtle – in the battles with whatever the mind and body are presenting. Writing can be really helpful in uncovering those battles and weaponry, as can the feedback from another person who is objective, encouraging and has our well being at the forefront, partly as a model to help us develop our own wisdom in these areas.”

It is very easy to get caught up in it and want to solve everything, but most of the time its not possible to solve the issue, but learn how to cope with it and view it differently.

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