Feeling Sad

Timmy went to the vets yesterday for his vaccinations.  They think he has an enlarged thyroid which is quite common in older cats.  It is not a problem unless he loses a lot of weight, he has lost a bit, luckily he has plenty to lose.  One of the symptoms is sneezing which he does a lot, no idea why it makes them sneeze.  It can also make them prone to being sick which he also does.  At the moment is is happy and not in any pain or anything, we have to get him seen again in a couple of months just to keep an eye on it.  They can have medication, but he doesn’t need it at the moment.  The medication has to be given daily and would be very distressing for him so Rob says we are not going down that road.  I agree with him, but its sad all the same and not something I want to contemplate yet (made myself cry now!)
My beautiful puss 🙂  He is currently outside watching Emily ride her bike, he follows her around and they are big friends even though she teases him.

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