This is a useful link from Action for ME to benefits.  I am worried about transferring to PIP from DLA. I will lose my entitlement to a motability car  and possibly blue badge depending how they assess. Will be stuck without blue badge and will lose the tiny bit of independence that I have eg won’t be able to collect own prescription.  We have just ordered our next Motabiltiy car as I still qualify until benefit changes next year, but then we will either have to return car or buy it ourselves.  We were sent information about buying options and they look quite good so that is what we will probably do, but it means that we also have to pay for own insurance, road tax and servicing which are included in Motability, making it a very good deal.

We have ordered a VW Golf Estate which is bit smaller than our current car, so hopefully will make finding a parking space and turning around a little easier.  We hope to get it in August.  

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