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I keep seeing information about events and things I would like to attend, these are just a few of them.  I have no idea if I will get to do them.

But at least I have them here for reference if I have the time and energy to do some of them.

I am hoping to be able to go to the Birthday Bash at Our Handmade Collective, Grand Arcade Leeds.  Its a great little shop and we have followed their progress in their first year.  It is on June 14th and 15th.  We have Cat in the Hat theatre tickets for 14th and the 15th is Father’s day and a cycling event in Leeds (meaning roads are closed and it will be busy), so attending is going to be tricky.  Then the 16th is my birthday and wedding anniversary, I don’t want to be too worn out for that and to go out for lunch with my husband.

On my birthday we had planned to go to Quilting Museum in York, but have decided that it will be too much.  I am very disappointed as I have put a lot of energy into organising and attending things for other people’s birthdays, but then can’t do what I want for my own.  With having the busy weekend before and having things I need to be able to do later in the week its not possible to do what I want.  Treats get sacrificed when you have ME 🙁  Yesterday I got an email about an exhibition they have on at the moment which I am really interested in seeing about Period Quilts and Costume.  The exhibition runs until August 30th, but with demands of end of school term and then school holidays and Rob having a full time job its unlikely I will get to see it and its not really something we can take Emily too if I want to get a good look.  I find taking in the information quite hard anyway without having to take into account what Emily wants at the same time and I think she would be bored or want to look at different things to me.

Next is the Grand Summer Fair at Rivers Meet on July 20th.  We try to attend most of the events at Rivers as we know many of the people with stalls and its handy for picking up birthday presents and chatting with all the friendly people, not to mention there is a good cafe that has Gluten free products.  There is a fair this weekend too, the Spring into Summer on June 8th, but we can’t go due to a family commitment.

Tomorrow are two events locally that we hope to attend, but the way I am feeling at the moment I think something will have to give, there is Rothwell Baptist Church 90th Birthday

and Emily’s School Fair 
fingers crossed for the weather as this one is outside.
I would love to attend Yarndale which I keep seeing information for 
but events like this are very overwhelming and not very wheelchair friendly and it clashes with a family birthday, so it’s probably not possible.
I have really got to go and rest now, but will update this page with other events that I would like to attend, even though most of liking to attend is as far as it goes.
Another local event is the Tiggypig Beads Closing Down Sale at Rivers Meet on June 28th.  Tiggypig used to sell beads in Rivers Meet, but left for another job, but still sold online.  Now she is selling off all her stock, and it says bargains to be had, who can resist a bargain!  Rachel the Tiggypig owner taught me how to make the necklace I use for my heading picture 
I have bought many beads from her in the past and although I have not made anything beaded recently the ideas are always lurking.  So now I have to decide if I go and find some bargains or stick with what I have and save money and energy, hmmmmmmm.

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