Interesting Finds today

On my facebook news feed today there were a few things that caught my eye.  Firstly an article about the benefit of crafting on mental health.  I had better find something to craft!! Sadly I have other jobs to do like making my breakfast cereal, so that I know it is gluten free and as sugar free as possible!  Also need to do an online shopping order or we will have no fresh food to eat next week! Then I have to go and watch Emily in a concert at school.  Then Rob is in London so late home.  That’s me worn out just thinking about it.

Secondly a video from a man called Peter Gray talking about the decline of freedom to play and rise in mental health problems.  I have not watched the video yet, but as an ex playworker this appeals to me.  I often complain that children are not given enough chance to play and are bogged down with homework or restrictions on playing outside.  He has also written a book Free to learn which sounds very good and I am very tempted to buy it, especially with school holidays coming up and wondering how best to keep Emily happy for 6 weeks. I am still undecided about National Playday.  Last year I had a playday at home, which went ok, except for Emily having a huge tantrum and then Emily starting to get bullied by a neighbouring child.  I would like to do it again, but it requires a lot of effort and time and energy that I just don’t have, but then having Emily at home on her own can be just as tiring.  Thinking of doing a smaller scale event, but not sure what yet. Can’t make a decision let alone plan and host event 🙁

My final find was a picture

Maybe I should stick this inside all the cards I make!
Well that’s it for today, need to drag myself off the chair and prop my eyes open and mix some cereal or I won’t have any breakfast for tomorrow.

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