Mixed feelings, still busy and still exhausted pt1

I am sitting here not sure what to do, I am tired and dizzy, but can’t do nothing as restless too.  It continues to be a busy time and is difficult to manage everything and the ME.  It makes me feel a bit of a fraud sometimes as there is so much to do and I have to do it, no matter how I feel, but then I look as if I am ok and people don’t see the effort and the consequences.

We went away for the weekend, our 6th consecutive weekend away from home, but this one was a trip away for us to Oxenhope to stay in a lodge on a farm.  As Rob was working and Emily at school the packing was left to me, I did not pack a lot as only going for weekend, but forgot to pack cold drinks and a flannel, so was in trouble for that and the little shop on the complex was closed.  If I was able I would have driven into town and got them, but I can’t do that, so we had to do without until next day, no great hardship, but I was not allowed to forget my mistakes!  Why do people always want what is not there, even if there is an alternative!

The journey there took two hours instead of 55 minutes because of an accident on the M62 on Friday afternoon.  It was difficult sitting in the car all that time, but thankfully the weather was good and the views amazing.

We all arrived tired and hungry to find that our apartment was on first floor and we couldn’t park outside.  Bonus of being upstairs was the views were great and people walking past could not see in as they could in ground floor.  It was a fairly small apartment with sitting/kitchen area, 2 bedrooms and bathroom, but fine for our needs for a weekend.

After arriving we went into Haworth to get something to eat, we chose Old White Lion as they cater for gluten free diets.  There were several gluten free options on the bar menu, but mainly fish, which I can’t have or steaks which I don’t like.  I chose a goats cheese salad, which could be made gluten free, which meant that the chesses was not breaded and the meal served with out bread and bruschetta (menu).  They had a good children’s menu and plenty of eating space.  As with most of the things in Haworth accessibility was not easy with steps into each different area of the building.  There is also a restaurant which we did not try, but the menu looks good.

On Saturday we decided to visit Cliffe castle in Keighley. We before 10am, to find it didn’t open until 11am, but it does give that information on the website.  We went into Keighley in search of a drink and shops to buy the items I forgot to pack.  Found the Airedale centre which was cheap to park and easy to access.  Being tired and in pain I got fed up of Rob and Emily fighting over who was pushing my wheelchair, they forget I am the one being pushed.  I get dizzy in the wheelchair if I am not moved smoothly.  All the noise, movement and looking at things gets quite overwhelming.  Trying to referee and listen to people gets very difficult and quickly zaps what little energy I have, but I have to push on which means I pay consequences later.

I have to break now as I feel very tired and sick and have to go out soon to see Emily’s class play and show of their work.  Its a busy week so not sure when I will finish off this post so will publish this part for now.

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