Crafty finds on holiday

Its a few weeks since I was on holiday now, seems like forever so much is going on with school holidays, another funeral, catching up after the holiday, Emily being ill and of course the ME which keeps a firm hold.
So just a short post about some of the crafty things spotted whilst on holiday;
Britannia bed quilt  at the Quaker tapestry exhibition in Kendal, more details about the quilt here.  It is 100 years old and combines embroidery and knitting.  It was amazing.

The main exhibition is Quaker tapestry which was also quite amazing.  I thought I had some pictures, but I can’t find them!  A search on Google brings up many of them.  Also at this exhibition was an excellent cafe with gluten free food and it was all wheelchair accessible, so an excellent find.  Emily was not that interested, but there are children’s activities at times and there was an area to dress as a Quaker.
Also in Kendal we visited 1657 Chocolate shop a hit with Rob and Emily and bought chocolate and had a drink of hot chocolate in the cafe, which also had gluten free food.  Finally on our crafty day in Kendal we found Paperwarehouse, lots of craft accessories to look at, but resisted the temptation to buy except some basic card and a few bits for Emily to play with.
I will write about our other finds in another blog as I am very tired and struggling to see with a bad headache 🙁 now.

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