My latest card and some quilts, updated

I made another stitched card.

The pattern is from Ann’s papercraft, pattern a427 stitched with metallic threads, seed beads and a ribbon flower.
I am amazed at the quilts I have seen from the Quilting show, especially ones made by children.  See young quilters blog.  I love this rabbit, very Alice in Wonderland.
Here are some others that appeal to me;

I would love to have been able to go to the show, but I am sure it would have been totally overwhelming with so much to see and do and travelling too.  It would be nice just sometimes to be able to do something I’d like to do and be able to enjoy it and not pay the consequences.
Other people have written about going to the show, Sarah my tutor has 3 posts on her blog shoppingthe show and competition quilts.  Laura at Bugs and Fishes has written about the show and has posted lots of pictures.

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