Off with his head!

Having been on a visit to the Tower of London this is a conversation I had with Emily on the way home.

E: “mummy why did they chop people’s heads off?”

J: “if they had done something bad or plotted against the king or queen”

E: “so did they chop people’s heads off for trumping and not saying pardon me?”

E “cos that’s not fair everyone trumps!”

This was on a coach full of people and I did feel a bit awkward having a conversation about heads being chopped off given the current news.  But then in the Tower days they did seem to chop people’s heads off for no reason.

The visit was very hectic and has really knocked me for six and I still have several days of holidays to go, so will just post a few pictures and write more detail when I feel better.  At the moment I would not mind being separated from my own head which thinks it is still on the coach going round and round.  I get awful motion sickness after travelling and we did go by taxi, coach, boat, underground and wheelchair, not to mention a fairground ride so my head does not know which way it is going!

The poppies at the tower are amazing and its not finished yet.  Poppies can be purchased from or on 0303 770 1914 for £25 + p&p.  Our order number is just over 300,000 and they are having 888,246 so there is still a long way to go.

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