Out with the old in with the new.

Its a week of new starts this week.  Emily returned to school today, in her new shoes (thank you grandma) and new cardigan (“it’s nice a fluffy mummy”). She starts her first year in Key stage 2 and with a teacher new to the school and to teaching.  The children have spent time with her and like her. After an unsettled year last year a new start feels good.  She started a gymnastics class last night which she enjoyed and will be a good outlet for her energy and hopefully will stop her asking me to help her do things as she will learn to do them properly.
Tomorrow we say goodbye to our car, it has served us faithfully for the last 3 years.  I have a motability contract at the moment so get to change car after 3 years, but this will end when the new PIP benefit comes in to replace DLA as I won’t qualify for the highest mobility component and therefore will not be eligible for motability, but I will have the option to buy the car.  This will happen next year or the year after so we will know by then if we like the car and want to keep it.
Also new this week is a washing machine.  The one I had was awful and despite only having it for 3 years it was time for a new one.  We have got LG F1496AD Washer Dryer which had good reviews. So far so good, but time will tell as we are still working out the programmes and not given it much of a test yet, the drying is rather slow, but won’t use it that much.
After a very hectic summer during which we have had school holidays, two deaths and funerals, holidays and breaks and a very unhappy, unsettled Emily, I need to slow down a bit.  I am trying to get into a new routine and be more relaxed (hahaha).  Firstly I plan to spend less time online; Facebook and time wasting games use time and energy that I don’t have.  I am taking a complete break from Facebook to avoid getting hooked into peoples dramas and looking at endless projects.  I have unsubscribed from many of my mailing lists as again it took up a lot of time looking at things and just depressed me as I was not able to make the items or afford the offers etc.  My Pinterest activity and blog activity will show on Facebook even though I am not actively using Facebook. I have so many unfinished projects I don’t really need more ideas and aim to use the time finishing things, well that’s the idea anyway!  I have just started an Elsa doll, which is quite simple so I can do without much effort.  I have several cards to make, but need to concentrate more when doing those so not done much recently, have one that needs to be done soon.  I also still have my waistcoat to finish and another top to start, I did start it in April, but it went wrong and not had chance to look at it since, the time from end of May has just passed in a blur.
I do really need to rest up a lot as the holidays have been hard, but as ever life does not stop to allow me to catch up.  I am waiting for the boiler service this morning so can’t go and lie down and then later I am having my hair coloured which really knocks me up.  Its difficult for me to take care of my own appearance I am unable to wash and style my own hair so have people who do this for me.  I rarely wear make up or dress up as the effort is too much and would impact on whatever we were going to and I also have Emily to get ready if we are going out so I do the bare minimum for me.  This is the main reason I keep having my hair coloured despite the consequences, I would feel very scruffy if I didn’t and would be rather grey.  The main thing is that it makes me very dizzy and causes me neck and back pain from sitting and holding head up and having my head moved about.  I know I will regret it tomorrow, but it will look nice and do look forward to looking a bit better.  I will probably end up in bed much of tomorrow 🙁 is it really worth it?
Tomorrow I should have a less hectic day, except that it is cleaning day so is very noisy and my cleaner likes to talk to me, whereas I just want to be left alone.  I find it difficult having people in the house and in my space, but I need them.  In October my cleaner/PA is away for 3 weeks and I have no back up so things will be very chaotic then.  Many things will get left and other things I will have to try and do as and when.  But it will mean a messy dirty house, unmade beds, creased clothes etc.  And then when she gets back it is half term, agggghhhh.
Boiler service man on his way now.
Thursday I have a meeting with children’s services for support with Emily’s behaviour.  I sometimes wonder if having these meetings and appointments really help as they wear me out so I don’t have time, energy and patience for Emily!  We have had a really hectic holiday, but yet I feel like I haven’t done anything, its madness.  We really need some quiet family time, but often when we do get that I feel too ill to do anything and end up in bed, its very frustrating for all of us and tempers get rather frayed.
On Friday its more messing with my head and having haircut, can’t manage the colour and cut in the same day.  I wish it wasn’t so complicated to get even the simplest of things done.
And that’s just this week.  I feel like flopping into bed and not moving for a week, not much hope of that.  The other thing I really fancy is a nice relaxing foot massage.  Had my physio massage yesterday, but that’s not relaxing as its painful and the physio chats away and I had to take Emily yesterday, she never stops talking.
I need to finish now as I am getting too dizzy and my neck is painful, hoping boiler service will be quick then I can go to rest as Emily wants me to scooter to pick her up, which is actually not too bad as I don’t have to drive and worry about parking, but I do have to be ready to leave earlier.  I am sure she will have lots to tell me, I need to make the most of the peace and quiet.  Boiler all ok, Thank goodness, don’t think I could manage a new one of those, I still think of it as being quite new, but we have had it 13 years, where does the time go?
Here are a few pictures from the school holidays

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