New Toys!

Its nice to drive and noticibly smaller than old one so easier to manoeuvre.  It has lots of gadgets that I am sure I won’t use, I need all my concentration for driving not looking at screens and pressing buttons.  The most disconcerting thing is it has no handbrake!!  Its very quiet, we had got used to a diesel and this being petrol is quieter and hopefully a bit cheaper to run.

Emily loves it, she can see out better as it does not have dark windows, they were an expensive option.  She is disappointed as we are not allowed to stick anything on it, she wanted to make it into a ladybird, not only with spots, but with a black line down the middle!!

Apparently the car can park itself, I have yet to try that and will take some convincing.  And for those of you that drive into brick walls this car won’t let you!!  I am not planning on testing that one.

I always get a bit sad changing cars though as you get used to them, they become part of the family and share memorable trips, but its also cool to have something shiny new.  If it weren’t for Motability we would not be able to have a brand new car so this will be the last.

My other new toy is my washing machine

That is also very quiet, except when it finishes when it plays a rather loud jingle, but it then switches off so its ok, I could not cope if it did it every few minutes until you got to switch it off.  I decided to have a dryer option too as sometimes its handy if you need something or if weather is poor and washing takes for ever to hang and dry and also if things get wet, which Emily has a habit of doing with her doll that cries and wees on everything!
Well I think it will be beans on toast for us for a while now!!
Finally an unexpected newbie this week, we have 2 baby fishes in the tank only noticed them last night, its all happening round here.

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