Painful day

Its been an awful pain filled day today.  My pain has been worse recently and today it has been unbelievable and at times I have not known what to do with myself, unable to settle or get comfy for anything.  I think it has been caused by some of the physical things I have been doing like sorting things out in Emily’s bedroom, holding Emily to calm her down and repeated trips up the stairs to take Emily back to bed, plus it the end of the school holidays and it always hits me when I do slow down a bit, not that life has really slowed down I just get a quiet bit during the day.  Today everything seems to hurt especially my lower back, neck and legs.  I have been popping the painkillers but sometimes I think they make it worse so not taken any for a bit, will dose up at bedtime instead at least then I have a small chance of sleeping.

I find that emotional stuff makes my pain worse too.  Today is the 3rd anniversary of my cousin’s death, he died just 37 in an accident.  I feel for his family and fiancĂ©e and on days like this they are in my thoughts more.

My cousin with Emily at her 3rd birthday.
with Emily at her naming ceremony

My good friend Pat read my blog last week and realised I needed someone to talk to and kindly listened to me today and helped me to see this from a different perspective and gave me other things to think about, she is a very calm lady and very perceptive so is always helpful and I am very grateful for her listening and thoughts.

Emily is outside with Rob as Rob has bought a bike to go cycling with her, they don’t seem to be doing much cycling though, I think Emily thinks she needs to teach him to ride it!

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