Been a long night

After this I got no sleep at all, asked Rob to get Emily sorted, but still ended up getting up anyway fed up of lying in bed  and cat was fussing about telling me I should be up.  Came downstairs to find Emily not well, full of cold, didn’t know if she would go to school.  Thankfully she said she would go, what a cruel Mum I am, hope she is ok.  It’s school photos today so she wanted her hair doing, not easy with no sleep and poor concentration.
Currently still in a lot of pain, feeling very sick and dizzy, sitting by the open door to get some fresh air and try to clear my head, but its not working.  Barbara late and did not let me know, she is not well either so now I feel even more guilty.
I can’t sit here any longer, really need my bed, but I can’t keep going to bed, aggghhhh.

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