Evacuee for a day

Yesterday Emily was evacuated for the day to Lotherton Hall near Leeds.  It sounds like they had a great day, combining learning about WWII and Chronicles of Narnia the story of four children evacuated to Scotland.

Emily was given a name tag with the name Mary Carr, though I am sure there would have been Emily’s around then.  Emily shares her christian name with her great, great grandma who was born at the turn of the century and died before WWII broke out.

Emily has been asking lots of questions and we have managed to get her some pictures of my grandparents and pictures of Papa’s medals from the navy and some stuff from my Mama’s time in the civil defence.  It is sad there are not many now with any memory of the war.  Just a few months ago my Mama would have spent hours talking to Emily, she had a wonderful memory and enjoyed telling people about how life was for them.  That link has gone for us now.

Papa in his navy uniform
Mama in her Civil Defence uniform

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