Duvet day

Its looking like a day in bed for me today 🙁  I am really worn out and run down, so many aches and pains, sore throat, sore mouth, feeling sick and dizzy, so I have to give in today I think.

Just a quick note of my positives for yesterday.  Emily was really good at her eye test, was so proud of her.  Rob had tea ready without me having to think about what we were having.  Will have to leave it at 2 as I can’t think properly my head is fuzzy from painkillers and brainfog, Oh yes remembered getting an offer of help for next Thursday from Annie, very kind of her especially as she has her hands full with her own kids without adding mine!

My picture quote for today is

I posted this one yesterday, but think its very good and am going to take it to 5 ways on Monday.

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