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  1. Anonymous Reply

    Hello Jane, I just read your post and my heart sank. I agree with Sally, don't waste any time wondering what you can give up as this is surely not the idea of Stoptober. I am fit and healthy, but I care about my brother …and you…and all other ME sufferers so it is up to people like me to give things up to help raise money for YOU! I have an idea for you though – a different meaning for STOPtober. Your challenge is to STOP every day for a minute and SMILE, knowing that you are not alone, and that a complete stranger is thinking about you, cares about you, and is doing their best to make some kind of difference that will eventually help you. Stay strong mentally and please do smile – you are not alone, and as they say in the Liverpool family – you'll never walk alone xxxx

  2. Anonymous Reply

    Hooray! So now you are giving something to Stoptober! Well done – keep smiling! xx PS you made me cry too!

  3. Anonymous Reply

    you shouldn't feel bad about not giving something up for stoptober. You already are forced to give up so much. The idea of stoptober is supposed to be others giving up things for us, to experience a little of what giving things up because of having ME is like. Not us making our lives even harder.

  4. Jane Shaw Reply

    Thank you I just wanted to be able to support you. We do make a lot of sacrifices but don't get much support or recognition for it.

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