Positives week 2 days 4 & 5

I am feeling rather sick and shaky today, not really surprising as still fighting virus and been doing extra things, but I could be much worse.

So my positives, appreciations for Wednesday were, not having to do the school run, its Emily’s day to walk with Donna, luckily they missed the rain.  It was nice for a change to have no one coming in, its unusual for me to have the house to myself all day and to be able to do things when I want to.  I had a chat with Emily when she got in from school, quite unusual as she usually just sits in front of TV.

For yesterday I was grateful to Annie for taking Emily to GFS and I actually accepted the help instead of insisting on doing it myself, I didn’t accept all the help though as I insisted on picking both children up, but it was a great help to me to get one way sorted and I kept a bit of independence too by picking them up and the girls seemed to get on well.  With Emily at GFS and Rob in London I finally got my knitting started again with a different pattern. I have been trying to do it since April, just need to keep fingers crossed new pattern works as I have adapted it to fit the pattern I have.  Trying to fit this heart pattern into the tunic pattern as the tunic pattern part is too complicated.  Just discovered that the pattern link has disappeared, luckily I had it printed out, phew!

Finally I managed to get Emily’s uniforms ironed, I don’t usually iron as it’s difficult for me.  I did manage to knock over a full cup of tea with the ironing board so it ran all down the stairs!!  The rest of the ironing is piling up, but we can manage without for a while.

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