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Thank you to those who read my feeling guilty post and for the kind messages, I know you all have issues of your own.  I am having a grotty day, feeling sorry for myself and trying to get things done and it really gets me down.

I also read this article earlier about a girl with scoliosis.  I was diagnosed with Scoliosis at 13 and had to wear a back brace through my teens until I stopped growing, it didn’t reduce the curve but stopped it getting worse.  My curve is an s shaped curve so total curve is only 16 degrees (I think, its a long time ago) my pain is mainly at the lower curve where the muscles are stressed I also have a lot of shoulder and neck pain nearer to the top curve. Even though the over all curve is not that much I do look wonky and tend to cover up.  I was lucky not to need surgery, although I was told I could have it if I wanted it!  The brace was very bulky and heavy, I couldn’t bend and had to wear all the time, except in bed, it ruined my clothes, rubbed my skin and was very hot in the summer.  I know I got off lightly, but it didn’t feel like it at the time.

The girl in the article is a great inspiration and it is a shame about peoples comments and perception of beauty and perfection, its a cruel world we live in.

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