Sunday positives

Feeling yuck again and was not impressed at been woken before 6am by a flying cat, I thought it was Emily who had jumped on me, but it was just Timmy wanting his breakfast!  Then of course the pain kicked in and I seem to have picked up sore throat feeling like a cold brewing.  Emily had a cold past couple of days, but it had gone today, but now she says she has sore throat and a headache and dizzy!  I never know what she has got though as she will just copy anything she has heard anyone else say, but I suspect she may have sore throat and headache as that’s what I have got and there are so many colds going around.

Anyway my Sunday positives, getting out in fresh air, feeding ducks and looking for leaves and conkers.  Didn’t find any conkers.  Emily insisted on shouting duck every time she threw a piece of bread in for the ducks and the ducks were swooping in and skiing on the water. The sun was shining and it was quite warm and the autumn colours are lovely.  Secondly getting a decent rest today, not managed that for a few days.  Finally snuggling up to watch Strictly with Emily without her fidgeting and talking all the way through.

Emily was playing with her playmobil this morning, the rescue helicopter and hospital set, what a fiasco though!  First the helicopter landed on the casualty, then the ambulance turned up with another patient on board who just got thrown out and then Ambulance had no crew so had to go back to hospital to fetch them and no one bothered to look at the casualty!  Then the hospital ran out of beds and people were having to lie on the floor!!  They only had one bed and a baby incubator that doubled up as an xray machine.  A baby got sent home and left in an empty house, the ambulance knocked someone over!  But then people got taken by ambulance for check ups!  The next thing the hospital was closed and a vets opened up and treated a hedgehog that had been knocked down and hurt its nose, it had to stay in for 3 months because it had a temperature, I won’t tell you where she took its temperature!  Well they call it imaginative play, but it all seemed a bit realistic to me!!

Here are pictures of the Elsa flip it doll I made, its not great, but not a bad effort and Emily likes her.

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