Payback time!

It was a busy day yesterday with Physio after school drop off, which meant I had a relatively pain free day, but I can feel it this morning.  I went straight from there to 5 ways which over ran so I didn’t get home until 12.30, having left at 8.30!  I had been driving, talking, concentrating so it was a lot for me even though I had not ventured far from home or done anything really physical.

My first positive was having physio, its not always comfortable, but nice to get all the knots removed and a bit of me time.  Second positive was getting to 5 ways and taking part, actually said quite bit, not like me.  I also managed to hear a bit better in group exercises by turning up my hearing aids, I know that might sound like an obvious solution, but everything becomes louder and can be quite startling or overwhelming.  We were talking about making small steps towards our goals.  I know I always take on too much and set to big a goal so set myself up for failure or disappointment.  The girl I was talking about was talking about losing weight, its easy to see that she needs to set small targets and chart her progress etc and not have an unobtainable goal like losing a ridiculous amount of weight.  We had to choose something we wanted to make small steps towards.  Everything I thought of seemed to big or difficult to break down.  I decided just for the sake of something to spend more quality time with Emily and realised that it doesn’t have to be something big, just making time for her, listening to her, sitting with her, not trying to do other jobs at the same time.  So we will see how it goes my first attempt last night went well.

When Emily came home we had a chat about a few things and then went to wrap our shoe boxes for Operation Christmas Child, she was excited about doing them and was wondering where they were going etc and talking about the sort of children who might get the boxes. They had a talk about them at school and she said many people had said it was a silly idea.  I know its not a cheap thing to do, and I collect things throughout the year.  If people are unable to afford to pack a box it if you have several children all wanting to do one it must make it hard that’s fair enough, but saying its not a nice idea if a bit cruel and makes the ones who are doing it feel they are in the wrong or they don’t want to admit to doing it.  Maybe schools, churches etc could suggest making group boxes so that there is little cost involved rather than telling people they need to make one each.  It was also sad to realise that whilst we are doing that for children in other countries there are many children in our own country who would also benefit.  So filling the boxes and having some Emily time is my third positive.

Later on I managed to iron a few of Emily’s clothes whilst she was at gymnastics as she needed a uniform for today.  It’s last day of term tomorrow and they have a non uniform day.  Thursday and Friday are training days so it makes the holidays longer.

Due to having such a busy day and having a cold I did not sleep much, the ME allows you less sleep the more tired you are, not very helpful.  I have lots of jobs I need to do today, but also need my energy for parents evening later.  I also waiting for a delivery which is due during my rest time and I don’t want to miss it as I need to sign for it, so again not very helpful.  I will really have to work out what are real priorities and leave the rest.  I am still without my daily help so am doing things I don’t normally do and expecting to still be able to do other things.

As usual I have too many things waiting for my attention or things I want to do for me.  I haven’t even looked at my Child Behaviour course work yet, its a good job there is not a time limit, but I would like to get going on it soon.

I have to be sensible now and have some rest especially as I won’t get it later, it’s so frustrating.

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