Why do I get all the best jobs?

Today I needed to sort out the pets.  I didn’t do as much yesterday as I wanted to, so its a bit of catch up today even though I should be resting for a busy day tomorrow, but life doesn’t stop to fit my needs.

I got Emily to watch the hamster in his ball whilst I cleaned the cage out, this involves getting rid of old sawdust, bedding etc and washing and drying the cage base and ramps and house, then adding new sawdusst, putting cage back together and adding new bedding and food.  I always manage to get sawdust all over the floor, didn’t do too bad today.  After sending Emily off to school (it’s walking day) I cleaned out the cat litter tray and gave him fresh cat litter.  Next up fish tank, rinse the filter out and clean the air tube, simple enough except I drop the air tube in the bin where I had just put the dirty cat litter and sawdust and of course it dropped right to the bottom so I had to don latex gloves to get it out and give it an extra good clean, yuck.  Then empty the bin to the outside bin.  Now I love my pets, but actually if everyone had their own the cat is mine, the hamster is Emily’s and fish are Rob’s, but there is only me looks after them, feeding them, cleaning them and anything else they might need.  I don’t mind as I like animals but it is hard work for me and I feel like even the pets needs come before mine.

I decided after all that to sit and do a bit of sewing on my new sewing machine, a huge extravagance that I feel guilty about, but my other machine didn’t work that well and wouldn’t do what I needed to do at quilting, so after much deliberation and discussions about how I couldn’t justify the cost I ended up buying one.  If it had been up to me I would not have bought it as I think its too extravagant.  It arrived yesterday a Janome XL601.  Its amazing and the free quilting kit worth £99, 50x1000m of thread and 5 pairs of scissors make it much more of a bargain., I was amazed opening it all.

I decided to have a play this morning as machine still out on dining table.  I got the Olaf window I made on Friday that I was not happy with and made some alterations he is still far from perfect, but its better.  Then I framed him in a box frame.  I was going to give it to Emily for Christmas, but think I will give it to her today as she got a good report at parents evening, even if she was a little monkey when we got back home.

Saw this beautiful quilt kit on my facebook feed this morning.  
Others I have seen can be viewed on my pinterest page, there are so many gorgeous ideas.
Well I am totally wiped out now and still have a delivery to wait for as I missed it yesterday, I have no idea what it is, but can’t miss it again.

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