Keep on smiling!

Well after a very hectic few days visiting family and travelling on my own with Emily I just have time for a quick post to keep up the positives.  I thought I hadn’t got any as things had been so busy and hard work, but as ever there are things so it is worth taking a few minutes to remember them.

Thursday was very difficult as I had to travel by train with Emily.  Luckily we have a local station that links with the local station where family live, I cannot get into a mainline station without my wheelchair.  The local one was difficult enough as we had to go over the bridge its a long hard struggle for me, but Emily was very well behaved and helpful.  When we get to Sheffield we have to change platforms, which is quite a walk, but no steps and I just have to take it slowly, but not too slow as there is only 10 mins to make the connection!  We made the connection and the train drops us right next to the car park where my Mum was waiting to pick us up.  That is my first positive managing to do the journey its not easy and I can’t do it on my own so have to put a lot of trust in Emily.  My second positive is that Emily was so helpful and well behaved.  Later in the afternoon my Auntie and Uncle came to see us at my Mum’s it was lovely to see how much delight they got from seeing Emily so that is number 3.

Friday was hard work, I did get a bit of time to myself so I guess that’s a positive and the other positive was being able to sort out some more of my Grandma’s things as my Mum can’t face it. I started reading a book written by an ME friend, Crushed, its a good and easy read.  I enjoyed her first book Karma.

On Saturday I got the final box to sort and found my Grandma’s engagement ring that we had all given up for lost.  It was a great find and well worth going through all the bags and boxes to find it.  Number two was seeing Emily having fun with her cousins and having someone other than me to play with.  Finally Emily was very well behaved at the dinner table and ate her food despite many other distractions.

On Sunday a family celebration meant Emily got more time with her cousins and I enjoyed spending time with them too, they were all very good and a pleasure to be with.  I was however very grateful to get home and very grateful to Emily for helping me to have a bath and wash my hair.  So as I said there are always some positives.

Today I was grateful that the grass and hedges were cut ready for winter.  My PA came back after 3 weeks off, so I have help again which is much needed.  I got a break this afternoon when Emily was invited to a friends to play, don’t think I could have managed without that.

So it’s day one of holiday over only another four to go!

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