It’s half term and very hectic.  I am in a lot of pain and feel quite ill.  I was in bed before Emily last night, but still didn’t sleep and then was up early because of so much pain.

Monday Emily went to a friends for lunch and to play, so I got a bit of a break. Yesterday Rob finished work early to take her swimming.  Today we met a friend for coffee.  Tomorrow we are going to see Elves and the Shoemaker by Northern ballet, we have been the last 2 years and it has been great, we have seen Ugly duckling and three little pigs.  It is next to where Rob works so we can meet him after and there is an event in Leeds I want to go to after if I have enough energy. On Friday Emily and I are going to a family cooking session organised by the local children’s centre and then she is having a friend to tea and going trick or treating.  Rob has just nipped out for the finishing touches for the cat outfit and I have to think of some games for them.  Emily is playing next door at the moment they have 6 grandkids so another makes no difference to them.  She keeps coming back when she wants something.  I need her to come in and do some homework, but I know it will be a battle and don’t like to make too much fuss as it is the holidays, but also don’t want it still to be waiting on Sunday night.

I have my wellbeing group on Monday, I will need it by then, but not sure if I will make it, there wasn’t one this week thankfully.  One of the good things I have learnt from it is trying to find 3 positives in each day, not always easy, but they are there.  I have got a bit lost this week, but due to lack of time and energy, so I’m trying not to beat myself up about it.

Well better finish now have a pumpkin to carve when Rob gets back and some washing to hang up.  My PA is back and slowly catching up with things, I have missed the help, but not missed the noise and chatter, it was nice to be able to do my own thing and not have people in and out.

Wishing this was me!

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