Don’t make plans!!

Our plans for the last two days have been scuppered by Emily having a bad cold and cough.  She has been sleeping in my bed so I haven’t had any sleep.  She is thankfully now on the mend.

Our plans to go the the Operation Christmas Child shoebox service at Rothwell Baptist church had to be cancelled I don’t think anyone would have heard any of the service for Emily’s coughing and it’s not fair to other people to spread the cold around.  Emily was disappointed, but is going to take our shoeboxes to the school collection instead.

Today should have been her first day back at school, but she was not well enough so what with the 2 training days before half term and a day today it feels like she has had a long holiday, fingers crossed we will be back to normal tomorrow.

I wasn’t able to go to 5 ways today, though not sure I would have managed it all anyway.  I hope that I didn’t miss too much.  I need to get back to the positives each day.

I was able to make a rainbow picture whilst Emily was playing quietly on the computer this morning, but as she began to pick up she became more demanding of my attention.

Rainbow made from buttons framed in an Ikea box frame.
The line up on the sofa watching TV!
I feel that I should be making lots of things a Christmas is approaching, but I never know what to make and if people will appreciate things so end up buying things instead.  It gets very hectic Christmas is very hard work for me, it gets crazy at school and shopping, planning, then travelling, socialising and school holidays all at the same time is a killer, so maybe I should be taking it easy instead?  I find it hard to enjoy Christmas as by the time it arrives I have been so busy I feel awful and there are so many people to see and keep happy, it is exhausting.  I try to keep going and keep happy but it’s hard work and I don’t get the fun like parties or nights out, but still feel like I have a hangover most days!  But ignoring it won’t make it go away so might as just get on with it and make the best I can and if that’s not good enough there is always next year or hibernation!

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