I feel like I got totally lost with everything this week.  Emily was off sick on Monday so I didn’t get to 5 ways.  It was quite nice to have a quiet day with Emily, but shame she had to be ill to get that.  She is still coughing, but feels ok.  I now have the sore throat and cough and spent most of the week getting weaker and getting upset at not being able to get things done and frustrated at things going wrong.

I lost my way with the looking for positives, which does help.

I am grateful to my friends at ME/CFS parents who have been talking to me on facebook and trying to help by offering ideas and messages of support, I know many of them are in a worse position than me.  Wednesday was a particularly bad day, starting with my PA being late and offering no apology or explanation and then complaining to me about some stuff that I am storing in a cupboard to take to my Mum’s next week! The rest of the day went something like this; stitching the whole length of my quilt to find that the bobbin thread ran out at the beginning so nothing was stitched, the cat throws up so Emily goes mad and your husband texts to say he will be late cos he couldn’t find his car key cos it was in his coat pocket, then he texted to say laundrette had lost his shirts, got 4 phone calls with automated messages selling solar panels, put together a new shoe rack to find a piece missing, started to cook some of the tea (Rob usually cooks) Rob came in stirred and dropped some of it on the floor!  By the end of the day it was a case of having to laugh so I didn’t cry!!  The other thing that helped was writing some things down, it won’t change anything, but was a helpful outlet and was interesting that I actually wrote about other things, not the issues I thought were really getting me down.

On Friday Rob had booked for us to go to a Diwali evening hosted by curry cuisine.  It made a nice change to get out, but it was too late and I wasn’t really up to it, I had to get Rob home early to collect Emily from school as I just felt like a huge jelly.  I felt a bit better by the time we went out, but didn’t really like the food and couldn’t join in the conversations around the table due to my hearing issues and concentration, I get upset as it makes me look rude.  Emily was very good sitting at a table with other children and trying the food, which she would never have done at home.  I felt bad as they had made some gluten free stuff and milder stuff for me.

We went to a craft fair yesterday and managed to get a few more Christmas presents.  Then made the mistake of going to local supermarket to get something to eat and pick up a few bits we needed.  The food was terrible and very little gluten free choice, the shop was quite busy and the lighting is too bright and makes me feel awful.  Emily hates shopping if it s not for her so it all gets rather stressful.

I did get some bits of my quilt stitched this week, but as everywhere is so cluttered I had to use the dining table so far from ideal and at one point managed to stitch the table cloth to the quilt!  It has worked quite well with the new machine although its hard to see being black on black.  There is a bit I need to unpick and redo as it has puckered.  In the November and December classes we can make a Christmas project, I can’t go to the December class as I have too many other commitments so need to look for a quick easy project.  Sarah gave us an idea which is lovely, but time consuming.

Here are a few

And plenty of bigger projects that might get done for Chrismas 2020!

I supposed I could do a small element of some of them.
I am going to post this now as its taken me 2 days to get this far and I am now in a lot of pain and feeling sick and dizzy.  Still waiting for some of the family to get up and I am ready to go back to bed!!

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