Today I am very grateful to Maggy who doesn’t know me that well and is going through a lot of issues herself for her kind words and offers of help.  Thank you Maggy you are so kind and thoughtful.  Meet Maggy in a previous blog.  Maggy is making many items for me to give as Christmas presents, it is making shopping much easier this year, I can’t wait to see them, I might not be able to give them all away!

At 5 ways one of the other people mentioned some apps  that she found useful for her phone, unfortunately they are only for iphones.  The apps are Happijar and My wonderful days.  These are apps that enable you to document things and see the positives and track mood changes.  I haven’t got an iphone, but think I have found some similar ones Day journalAttitudes of Gratitude and Happy Moments which I have added to my phone, just hope that they don’t become a chore and just another thing to do.

There is also one called Happy Family, which sounds a good app, but appears not to work properly so I avoided that one will try the others first.

Well off to rest now, rather dizzy and yucky from having hair coloured and a difficult evening with Emily, but at least I look a bit more human now.

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