I will keep smiling

It getting hard to keep positive at the moment as I feel rubbish, got awful tinnitus and in a lot of pain, not to mention feeling sick and dizzy and cold and shivery, but think I have got a urine infection so that would explain some of it I guess, my lymph nodes are swollen so I am fighting something.

But I will keep positive.  I have set up a private facebook group for the people I was at 5 ways with and everyone has joined in and we are planning a meet up, just hope I will be able to go, I like the ideas but then can’t make it.

Everyone around seems to be really fed up, I am not sure that Christmas does anyone any favours.  Even the kids get worn out and stressed by everything going on and Emily hates the thought of Santa coming and gets upset on Christmas eve.

I saw this in the book I am reading Mongol by Uuganaa Ramsey.
I have also read this article today great for stressed parents.
And finally 
Keep smiling

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